Project Overview


Aberdeenshire Council

Construction Period

10 months



Project Overview

The project was located in Huntly in the Northeast of Scotland and involved the raising and strengthening of existing flood defence earth bunds along the bank of the River Deveron and the Meadow Burn which were prone to flooding affecting the local community.

Construction of Culvert outfall into River Deveron required the existing flood defence to be maintained at-all-times. This required staged construction of the headwall and culvert by constructing a temporary earth embankment to allow first stage then relocating to permanent position to allow final stage.

A 250m length of bund incorporating 2x reinforced concrete headwalls with a connecting pre-cast concrete culvert through a 250m length sheet pile wall was constructed under the Reservoir Act which required specialist approval and monitoring of the work.

Key Numbers

  • 13,000m3 of excavation
  • 30,000m3 of imported Class 1A1 fill material
  • 13,000m3 of landscaping fill
  • 22,000m2 of geosynthetic clay liner
  • 250m of sheet piling varying 4m to 8m in depth
  • 5x reinforced concrete headwalls
  • 2x precast concrete culverts 40m in length
  • 2x sections of block stone embankment protection in the River Deveron
  • 250m of drainage
  • 13x manholes
  • 50,000m2 of landscaping
  • 1000m of fencing