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About Testing

Construction Material Testing Services is the full-service UKAS accredited laboratory unit you can rely on for your information, test reports and material certification requirements. Our dedicated and professionally trained staff work hard to meet our customer expectations for accuracy, quality of service and prompt result turnaround times.

We are fully equipped to carry out a wide range of testing as specified in BS1377, SHW, ASTM, BRE and various BS EN methods. We also provide a wide range of in-situ testing services which can be suited to customer specific needs.

What We Do

Materials testing is a diligent approach to analyse and evaluate that the materials used are fit for purpose, will react as expected and will perform to the end of their designed life.

Based on years of experience, we are committed to always providing an excellent standard of service to our clients. As well as delivering material testing and certification on a project-by-project basis, here at Wills Bros Materials Testing Laboratory we aspire to provide a trusted material testing partner enabling you to streamline your processes and services.

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Range of Services

  • Fresh and Hardened Concrete Testing – air content, density, setting time, compressive strength of cubes and cylinders, flexural strength, paving and masonry block testing and constituent materials testing.
  • Aggregates, Cements & Admixtures – complete physical, mechanical and chemical analysis of aggregates used such as PSD, AIV, ACV, TFV, WA/RD, LAAV, soundness drying shrinkage, frost susceptibility and point load index.
  • Soil & Rock Testing – physical, mechanical, and chemical testing such as PSD, MDD/OMC, CBR, LL, PL, PI, sedimentation, Triaxle testing, Point Load Index, Topsoil analysis to BS3882, Waste Acceptance Criteria Testing, Chloride Contents, Loss on Ignition, TRL Sulphate Suites and PH Value.
  • Bituminous Mixtures – Binder Content, Sieve Analysis, Layer Thickness, Mixture Maximum Density, Air Void Content, ITSM, Wheel Tracking and constituent materials analysis.
  • On-Site Testing – Cementitious and Bituminous Sampling and Monitoring, Surface Regularity, Surface Texture Measurements, Fresh Concrete Consistency, Temperature monitoring of large concrete pours, Soil and Aggregate Sampling, In-Situ Density Testing, Plate Load Testing, Concrete and Blacktop Core Drilling/Sampling.

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