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This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week took place from 13th May to 19th May

During this week, employees at the Head Office in Motherwell enjoyed a range of activities –

  • Meditation Monday
  • Tournament Tuesday
  • Tea & Talk Wednesday
  • Therapy Thursday
  • Fresh Fruit Friday

Participants of Meditation Monday received a stress ball and were able to do a 15-minute chair yoga session. On Tournament Tuesday, participants were able to play table tennis and/or giant Jenga – prizes were awarded for those that placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the table tennis competition. Tea & Talk Wednesday allowed for all employees to take a welcome break and enjoy various foods made by their colleagues, whilst also having the option to take a small knowledge quiz for fun. On Thursday, participants were able to enjoy a nature walk around the business park, whilst playing Sustainability Bingo – additionally, a member of our Sustainability department discussed the biodiversity aspects and sustainable architecture of our business park.

Lastly, participants were able to enjoy a vast spread of fresh fruits on Friday whilst listening to Amanda Wu, a psychotherapeutic counselor, provide information regarding stress prevention and the importance of movement.