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Co2nstruct Zero, 2024


Stuart Angus

Business Champions

We are delighted to announce that our recent application to join the Construction Leadership Council’s “Co2nstruct Zero” initiative as a Business Champion was successful. The Co2nstruct Zero campaign brings together organisations to share innovative solutions and collaborate on carbon reduction with a focus on 9 priority areas:

Business Champion status recognises our commitment to delivering carbon reduction across several of the initiative’s priority areas. This includes our work to accelerate the shift to zero emission vehicles and plant, implementing carbon measurement across our business, designing out carbon and supporting the development of innovative low carbon materials on our projects.

As a Business Champion, we are looking forward to the opportunities this will give us to share examples of best practice and collaborate with some of the other businesses working in this area. The decarbonisation of the construction sector is a vital mission, and we are committed to helping accelerate progress towards a Net Zero future.

Further details of the Co2nstruct Zero initiative can be found HERE