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Autodesk BIM360 Software

A Field Management software and Field BIM software is used during the construction, commissioning and handover process. It is used to manage, track, task and report on quality (QA/QC), safety, documents to the field, commissioning and handover programs, connected to the information models. The goal of Field management and Field BIM is to ensure conformance to contract documents, compliance to safety regulations, and performance to owner’s projects requirements, through BIM-based workflows out in the field and at the point-of-construction. For an example, the New York Department of Buildings now accepts site safety and logistics information models as a submission, instead of 2D documentation.

The department provides a logistics Revit Template with preloaded components such as cranes, access arrows, staging locations and scaffolding.


  • Ability for field personnel to access, read and update, building information models (BIM) in the field.
  • Optimize first work and minimize rework due to non-conformances and defects.
  • Manage work to complete and correct efficiently with no communication lags and errors.
  • Prevent jobsite hazards and at-risk behaviour and ensure jobsite safety.
  • Optimize system and component performance to owner’s project requirements.
  • Document as-installed information for the record and for handover, at the point-of-construction.
  • Accelerate project schedule, time to operations and time to revenue.
  • Reduce the operations and maintenance (O&M) hand-off, on-boarding and uptime process.
  • Develop a digital handover asset of structured data and documents, to complement the physical asset.
  • Gain real-time visibility into organization, project and stakeholder performance.
  • Create a secure history log of field management activity for future auditability.
  • Identify trends with leading indicators to take proactive, preventive action versus reactive, corrective action.
  • Managing and mitigate performance and other risks.
  • Avoid contractor call-backs and warranty claims due to construction defects

Wills Bros have adopted use of BIM360 Autodesk software on some of its recent projects.