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On Glasgow Airport Investment Area Project, Wills Bros team has worked on to ensure BIM models for the project are compliant to the post contract BIM Execution Plan.

Phase planning, as described as the process of a 4D model used to plan the phased occupancy in renovation, addition, retrofit, or to show the construction sequence, and space requirements on a building site. A 4D modelling is a very powerful visualization and communication tool that can give project stakeholders a much better understanding of the project.

Phase planning was used on Glasgow Airport Investment Area Project for Foul Sewer and Riser Main Construction. 3D Model was combined with the scheduled programme, as exported from the planning software. Specialised 4D modelling software Navisworks was used, in house for such purpose. 4D Modelling is used today when selecting winning contracts and communicate how the job would be run. This can include design, staging, phasing, access requirement, scheduling and other qualifications.


  • A better understanding of the phasing schedule for stakeholders which shows the critical path of the project
  • Dynamic phasing plans of occupancy offering multiple options and solutions to space conflicts on site
  • Integrate planning of human, equipment and material resources with the BIM model to better schedule and cost estimate the project
  • Space and workspace conflicts identified and resolved ahead of the construction process
  • Marketing purposes and publicity
  • Identification of schedule, sequencing or phasing issues
  • More readily constructible, operable and maintainable project
  • Monitor procurement status of project materials
  • Increased productivity and decreased waste on job sites
  • Conveying the spatial complexities of the project, planning information, and support conducting additional analyses