Project Overview



Designer / Consultancy

GDG Geotechnical

Construction Period

October 2021 to date


€0-5m range

Project Overview

Design & Build and complete turnkey package of a new Airborne Wind Test Site just outside Bangor Erris, Co. Mayo. The site is being developed by RWE on behalf of Ampyx power.

Wills Bros is responsible for the final design, supply, construction, commissioning and testing of the entire Test Site including site access, buildings, foundations for the Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) components and the levelling and grading of the flight area.

Key Numbers

  • 14,000m3 excavation of peat
  • 21,000m3 import of rock fill for soft ground replacement and floating road construction
  • The landing field comprises 6900m3 of graded crushed rockfill placed on geogrids and geotextiles
  • 43,000m2 of geogrids and geotextiles to form floating construction for project
  • 2700m of floating access road
  • 164m3 of ST1 concrete
  • 984m2 of C28/35 concrete
  • 148m2 of C50
  • 18 tonnes of structural steel to hangar building
  • 133 tonnes of steel concrete reinforcement
  • 140m2 modular control tower
  • 400m2 hangar building
  • ESB Substation including  20kVa to 440V transformer
  • LV switch room building for 690V, 220V and 440V distribution
  • 10m high anemometry mast