Right First Time

Right First Time Policy

‘Right First Time’ is a concept in quality management enshrined around the idea that the prevention of defects is a greater advantage and more cost effective than detecting defects after they occur. It also has benefits for safety and the environment as it avoids risks associated with going back to do work twice. It is about creating an environment where errors and mistakes are exceptions to the rule, rather than just being accepted as the norm.

  • Do It Right – ‘IT’ refers to Meeting or Exceeding a Customer’s Expectations.
  • First Time, Every Time – Delivering works efficiently and profitably not just once but every time.
  • Safely – Working with competent and suitably trained people, using quality materials and equipment, in accordance with company Construction methodology (RAMS), resulting in safer outcomes.
  • Environmentally Responsible – Plan and execute the work at least harm to the environment.

Wills Bros Top Management promotes a Right First-Time culture by setting the following objectives:

  • Ensuring this policy is reviewed annually, communicated, understood and displayed in our offices.
  • Provision of mandatory Right First Time Quality Induction Training for every project.
  • Ensuring Top Management Commitment to Quality is visible and felt by the workforce.
  • Implementing benchmark standards at commencement of the project – being clear and unambiguous about what ‘Right’ looks like.
  • Establishing what is to be measured and how.
  • Providing resources and direction to ensure staff are competent to perform the roles assigned to them.
  • Collaborating with all Interested Parties to allow Right First-Time compliance of logistics and supply chain.
  • Promoting a culture of getting it Right First Time, Every Time from start to finish.
  • Carrying out checks at regular intervals to ensure that the required standards are met.
  • Where Right First Time is not achieved, and the works constructed do not conform to the design specification requirements, acting quickly in identifying the issue and raising the NCR report where required.
  • Implementing the corrective action in a timely manner to ensure the NCRs are not built into the permanent works.
  • Promoting Continual Improvement through preventative actions and the Lessons Learnt Process.
  • Confirming policy effectiveness through the company Internal Audit process.
  • Celebrating the wins (big and small) and providing recognition when work is executed as planned.

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The Wills Bros Vision;

Create a Culture of doing things – “Right First Time: Every Time” by promoting the 4 Golden Rules for Quality:

  1. I know exactly what to do and how to do it.
  2. I am responsible for my work.
  3. I take pride in my work/I will respect the Customers’ property.
  4. I am pro-active (I will ask if not sure/Question if something doesn’t seem right – before doing it!).

The ultimate goal of ‘Right First Time’ is the promotion of culture change from an environment where one expects errors as the norm and measuring the accepted allowances, to one of prevention.

Jonathan Wills