Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Wills Bros fully appreciates the importance of driving a targeted Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which supports ethical business performance, and one which positively influences the lives of our employees, clients and the wider communities in which we work. We believe that good CSR practices promote ethical management, strong business performance, staff retention, and positive social value through all that we do.

In line with our other Policies and management systems, Wills Bros is committed to delivering best practice within the construction and civil engineering sector, and we endeavour to deliver targeted social value (SV) through the contracts we undertake. We recognise that our activities will always have some negative impact
on the communities in which we work, but we believe that being proactive in the community helps to gain acceptance and tolerance for any work which directly impacts the public.

In order to be sustainable over the long term, Wills Bros need to make a profit, but we are committed to ensuring that the drive for profitability is not achieved at the expense of our corporate values. As a profitable organisation, Wills Bros can pay its supply chain on time, provide quality employment to more people, invest
in the training and upskilling of our staff and support local charitable initiatives. By being environmentally and socially aware, Wills Bros can assist its clients and stakeholders in achieving their own sustainability and social value objectives, and having an awareness of the issues which affect the local communities in which we work, allows us to tailor our construction programme and methodology to their least inconvenience.

Wills Bros recognises that it is essential to the sustainability of our business to be able to continuously improve upon our Corporate Social Responsibility performance, and the realisation of our CSR Policy is essential to how we work, measure and evidence our core values. Whilst the long-term effect of our CSR initiatives on people and communities is sometimes difficult to measure, it is company policy to record our key Social Responsibility initiatives as much as possible, so that the quality of our endeavours can be assessed at a senior management level, and outcomes shared with employees, clients, and other interested stakeholders.

Wills Bros meets its CSR Policy through focus on the following key areas:

Employees – Respecting the individual’s values and beliefs of our employees so long as they are lawful, providing fair working conditions, equal opportunities for employment and promotion, job satisfaction, and the realisation of personal career goals through training, support and mentoring opportunities.

Safety, Health & Welfare – Embedded within all our decision-making with the ultimate goal of zero harm.

Environmental impacts – Managing business development activities so as to maximise on recycling opportunities, and eliminating waste, pollution, and nuisance to neighbours.

Sustainable development – Developing public infrastructure with a focus on utilising renewable resources and focus towards the enhancement of local habitats and communities wherever possible.

Relationships with Customers – Being responsive to customer needs and providing a quality assured service that intrinsically incorporates all relevant legislative considerations.

Suppliers and Partners – Treating suppliers fairly and driving CSR codes of practice throughout the goods and services supply chain.

Community involvement – Positive engagement with local communities through various types of support, information days, and work experience opportunities etc.

Ethos – Encouraging high standards of professionalism throughout the company and promoting best practice in respect of ethical behaviour.

The Organisation’s CSR is implemented and maintained through the following key policies and programmes:

Company Policies related to CSR:

  • Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy.
  • Anti-Facilitation of Tax Evasion Policy
  • Anti-Stress and Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.
  • Employee Health & Wellness Policy.
  • Environmental Policy.
  • Equality & Diversity Policy.
  • Ethical Procurement Policy.
  • Fair & Just Culture Policy.
  • General Data Protection Regulations Policy.
  • Good Neighbour Policy.
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Modern Slavery Act Policy.
  • Right to Work Policy.
  • Smoke-Free Workplace Policy.
  • Staff Training & Development Policy.
  • Substance Mis-use policy.
  • Sustainability Policy.
  • Sustainable Procurement Policy.
  • Waste Minimisation & Recycling Policy.
  • Zero Harm Policy.

CSR Programmes we support:

  • Go-Construct.
  • Developing the Young Workforce.
  • Armed Forces Covenant.
  • Build Force.
  • Supply Chain Sustainability School.
  • IOSH – No Time to Lose.
  • Scottish Business Pledge.
  • Fair Work First.
  • Living Wage Accreditation.
  • Vision Zero.
  • STEM.
  • Considerate Constructor Scheme.
  • Eco-Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme.
  • Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR).

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