Collaborative Working Relationships

Promoting Collaborative Working Relationships Policy

Collaborative working can be defined as where two or more individuals or organisations work together to achieve mutually beneficial value, in a spirit of trust and openness. Wills Bros recognises that working collaboratively with our employees, clients, business partners, suppliers and other contractors will benefit all parties involved through:

  • Enhanced competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Sharing and promotion of best practice and challenging established working practices.
  • Improved Management of time, costs and resources to deliver joint efficiencies.
  • Creating additional value by sharing knowledge, skills and resources.
  • Identifying uncertainties, sharing project risks and managing them more effectively.
  • Establishing collaborative culture and behaviors to secure successful outcomes in joint projects.
  • Developing mutual trust and working relationships in order to capitalise on future opportunities.

Pursuing our vision, and effectively implementing a collaborative business relationship model requires leadership, determination and commitment from all levels of the organisation, and we will be successful in our mission by:

  • Committing to maintaining a collaborative working framework which reflects our core values as a family owned business
  • Assessing all opportunities with our clients, stakeholders and supply chain to work collaboratively
  • Selecting and engaging with suitable collaborative partners to enhance value and technical excellence in our industry
  • Continually improving our working practices and processes to promote and embrace collaborative working
  • Effectively communicating collaborative processes to staff, clients and stakeholders
  • Encouraging our teams in their approach to risk and issue resolution management, at both a project and organisation level, by utilising an open and collaborative philosophy
  • Ensuring this approach is measured and managed efficiently through knowledge sharing/good practice throughout the organisation.
  • Learning from what works, and what doesn’t, and being brave even at times what reciprocation of our endeavors appears slow.

To achieve our aims, our senior management and leadership will:

  • Engage, direct and indirect staff to promote and operate within the collaborative framework
  • Actively sponsor a collaborative approach with suitable clients, stakeholders and supply chain compatible with our strategic direction and management of business risk
  • Ensure an appropriate level of resources to support this policy
  • Ensure measurable objectives are identified and monitored on an annual basis

Employees will support our collaborative business relation programme by:

  • Promoting the open and collaborative approach on both projects and all areas of their activities
  • Identifying and engaging with our collaborative partners in an appropriate fashion
  • Providing feedback on all aspects of, and contributing to, the continual improvement of our collaborative framework

Continual Improvement

Our collaborative working arrangements will be regularly reviewed and continually improved to meet the changing needs of the business and our existing collaborative relationships. Relationship Management Plans will be reviewed and updated at key planning stages and throughout the operational lifecycle of each project and business relationship.

Through a collaborative approach to the way that we work with our employees, clients and partners we look forward to delivering the vision and objectives set out in this policy and working to become respected industry leaders in this area.

collaborative business relationships

Jonathan Wills