Project Overview


Devon County Council

Construction Period

7 months



Project Overview

The Project consisted of the construction of 3x earth bunds across two watercourses upstream of Modbury town centre. The function of the bunds being to create attenuation ponds which temporarily store floodwater in excess of the capacity of the towns drainage system. The watercourses are culverted beneath the bunds and the flow released out of the culverts controlled by hydro brake and telemetry so as not to exceed the capacity of the existing drainage infrastructure.

Additional works included construction of temporary haul/access road to the west of the development area which is managed as a wild area and stock-proof fencing to ensure that the site and temporary haul/access road remain secure.

Key Numbers

  • 4600m3 of class 2 naterial
  • 6x precast headwalls
  • 1x cast in-situ headwall
  • Armorloc spillway (40m x 20m)
  • 1x 28m length precast culvert
  • 30m of pipework