Zero Harm

Zero Harm Policy

The International Social Security Association (ISSA) launched a global campaign called Vision Zero at the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017. The Vision Zero Philosophy is based upon the belief that all accidents, diseases and harm at work are preventable. Wills Bros are supporters of the Vision Zero movement, and the seven golden rules upon which it is based (see below). Wills Bros have adopted the following ‘Zero Harm’ policy to promote a positive culture amongst our workforce and supply chain whereby all accidents, incidents, and work-related ill-health are viewed as preventable and everyone goes home safely every day.

Seven Golden Rules of Vision Zero

  1. Commit yourself to leadership in safety
  2. Identify hazards – control risks
  3. Define targets – develop programmes
  4. Ensure a safe and healthy system – be well-organised
  5. Ensure safety and health in machines, equipment and the workplace
  6. Improve qualifications – develop competence
  7. Invest in people – motivate by participation

This Policy applies to all of the company’s activities. Zero Harm is about looking after ourselves, our workmates, our contractors, the community and the environment at all times. It is about raising awareness and focusing on behaviours to continually improve the way we work. Our team members and contractors must comply with this policy and will be motivated, trained and supported to follow this policy and any associated standards and procedures.

Our Zero Harm goals are:

  • All accidents, incidents and work-related ill-health can be avoided.
  • No task is so important that risk of injury to people or damage to the environment is justified.
  • Effective HSE management is a critical foundation for sustainable management.

We will actively engage and consult with our people, our customers and other relevant stakeholders to achieve Zero Harm. Achieving Zero Harm requires ongoing and unwavering commitment from all Wills Bros team members and contractors.

This commitment means we share responsibility for:

  • Working safely – demonstrating a strong safety culture and positively intervening in at-risk situations.
  • Working in accordance with the law and other requirements.
  • Demonstrating care for the environment in the way we work.

To achieve this commitment, together we will:

  • Consider health, safety, the environment and human rights in all decisions concerning the development of our projects, and in the selection of our commercial partners and suppliers. We shall not let economic considerations overrule health and safety, respect for the environment or human rights.
  • Carefully plan and manage our impacts, proactively identify and manage risks so far as is reasonably practicable to prevent harm.
  • Intervene, delay or stop activities that have the potential to cause injury, ill-health or adverse environmental impacts, including pollution, until effective controls are in place.
  • Actively encourage each other to improve health, safety, general wellbeing and fitness and ensure employees are supported when injured or ill, regardless of whether the injury or illness occurred at work or at home.
  • Ensure our team members are trained, authorised and competent to undertake their work activities.
  • Seek out, identify and implement opportunities that create value by integrating sustainability principles into our activities, using resources efficiently, minimising waste and physical impacts.
  • Take responsibility for the quality of our work and participate in achieving quality outcomes for our customers.
  • Actively report all health, safety and environmental incidents or concerns, including near-miss, and recommend solutions to health, safety, environment and quality issues.
  • Set and regularly review health, safety, environment and quality objectives and targets to achieve continual improvement, monitor performance and recognise and reward achievements.
  • Capture, share and implement lessons learned and best practices so that everyone benefits from our experiences.
  • Commit to and believe in the philosophy of continuous improvement and ensure that our management systems and training reflect our shared determination to make the workplace safer for all.

Our standards and procedures are designed to follow best practice codes and support compliance with the law. Wills Bros manage health, safety, environment and business processes through our quality management framework (OHSAS 18001/ISO 9001/ISO 14001). We will not compromise on our commitment to Zero Harm and in achieving our stakeholders needs and in delivering quality outcomes.

Jonathan Wills