Sustainability Policy

This policy sets out how Wills Bros manages its approach to becoming a fully sustainable, environmentally responsible and energy efficient business. The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Deliver sustainable profitable growth while satisfying our moral, legal and contractual obligations.
  • Have satisfied clients.
  • Enable our people to be engaged, safe at work and respected by their peers.
  • Make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work.
  • Protect the environment by preventing or mitigating our adverse environmental impacts, including the prevention of pollution and environmental degradation arising from our work.
  • Reduce our energy consumption and costs and enhance our environmental performance.
  • To perform to current best practice, and to align our supply chain with our values.
  • Ensure our sustainable approach is applied across all our places of work.


Moral, legal and contractual obligations – We must understand and fulfill our moral, legal and contractual obligations to ensure these are fully taken into account in our operations. Contractual obligations must be documented, and processes must be in place to evaluate the fulfillment of these.

Client Satisfaction – All our businesses must have the right systems and processes in place to nurture relationships with clients and provide the reassurance that we will deliver sustainable development opportunities throughout the design, construction and commissioning process. Client satisfaction is a key measure of our success in this area and all operations and customer relationship management shall be undertaken with client satisfaction in mind.

Attracting and keeping the right People – We must ensure we have the right talent stream to fulfill the future needs of our business. A comprehensive people strategy makes sure that we provide the performance management, engagement and leadership training to help our people achieve their full potential. This will include group-wide communications campaigns, training workshops and regular employee engagement to measure success. We must make sure that the well-being of our people, clients and the wider public is safeguarded while we work. Our Health and Safety management systems and procedures identify risk and have mitigation measures in place to drive and influence safe working behaviours. All of our policies are designed with people as the central focus.

Community engagement – We fully believe that construction projects can have a positive impact on local communities, and through positive engagement we can improve people’s lives. We actively support local employment and believe in trading with local suppliers. We are also very proactive in visiting local schools and universities, creating work experience opportunities for young people, and engaging with local charities and community groups to improve their local areas.

Environmental management – We have a responsibility to ensure that our people understand our environmental impacts and are provided with the right information and resources to eliminate and reduce them as much as possible. Environmental and energy awareness training is linked to creating opportunities to enhance our environmental and energy performance. We are committed to implementing and documenting environmental, energy and carbon management systems to reduce and mitigate our impacts wherever possible. Fuel consumption will be kept to a minimum through improved vehicle selection and maintenance procedures, and staff will be made aware of how to drive in an energy efficient manner.

Supply chain management – We will strive to provide sustainable value on every contract and encourage our supply chain partners to support us in achieving our clients’ sustainable objectives and drivers to maximise value for all our stakeholders. We will act in a responsible manner when it comes to selecting supply chain partners. Small and medium sized businesses, minority owned organisations, voluntary, community and social enterprises will be used where viable as part of our supplier engagement strategy. We will support energy and environmental performance improvements throughout the design, construction, procurement, operation, maintenance and handover phases of our contracts.

Jonathan Wills