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Tree Planting with Eco Commitee

It’s not every day you get to plant trees with the Eco Committee of a local school, joined by a local landscaping subcontractor, and get to do this in a stunning location with the sun shining and the daffodils blooming – but that’s exactly what happened at the ongoing Riverside Way project in Inverness which we are pleased to be delivering on behalf of The Highland Council.

To ensure that the community benefited as much as possible, we collaborated with Ground n Gardens, a local landscaping contractor, who assisted with the excavation process, preparing the tree planting spot, and whose invaluable knowledge was vital to this event. The Eco Committee from nearby Bishop Eden’s Primary School were then able to help us plant a four-year-old, semi-mature maple tree that will take around 25 years to grow to full height. Afterwards, the children were presented a certificate, on behalf of the school, for their initiative and participation – which is vital for instilling a culture of environmental stewardship. As the children grow up, they will be able to see this tree grow and boast to their families/friends that they helped with the planting.

In addition to the tree planting, we are very pleased to be continuing our collaboration with the school on their garden project. The Riverside Way project team will be providing the school with various materials that can be used for planters, catching water, and creating a sensory experience on their sensory wall.

Clinton Odogun, Wills Bros and  Ewan Gordon, The Highland Council were also present at the event, along with Community Liaison Manager, Angela Newlands who said

We are pleased to be engaging with local schools and I’m sure the pupils from Bishops Eden’s have benefited from this hands-on, outdoor learning experience which will also help nurture a sense of community.  The children involved all decided that they would like to work in the tree planting business when they leave school and their enthusiasm and hard work showed that they could be the apprentices of the future – watch this space!