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International Women in Engineering Day 2024 – meet Liane,
BiM Technician at Wills BrosSisters


What is your career path so far?

I graduated with a degree in Architecture and have always thought that I would be working on the design side of construction. I loved art and had always dreamt of seeing something I worked on be built in real life.


What interested you in Engineering and construction?

When covid happened, I decided to apply to some courses and teach myself different programmes to maintain my skills. This is when I discovered the world of BIM and I immediately loved it! I felt hesitant at first to go into this line of work, it was all so new, but I wasn’t going to get anywhere if I let my fear get ahead of me. So, I was delighted when I got a position as BIM Technician here at Wills Bros.


What are the kinds of things you do on a daily basis?

My work is centred towards 4D animation and planning. I enjoy my job because I get to bring schedules and plans into life. Literally from 2D into 3D. I can help people visualise the works in ways that they may not have seen before. I get to see the projects be built ‘digitally’ from my screen. It’s like seeing the finale of a long TV series years before anyone else!


What do you like best about it?

I am blessed to be working with a great company and a great team. I am supported and encouraged to learn and grow.


What would you say to other young people considering a career in the industry?

I encourage anyone to explore BIM. It’s your world, build it!


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