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We seek a competent and experienced quality Civil Engineer to join our team at Wills Bros Ltd. The successful applicant will be commencing on a recently awarded Building Project in the Cork locale for a blue-chip Company.

We offer a competitive salary and opportunities for professional growth.

Key Duties:

  • Monitoring and planning –
    Quality assurance procedures are planned and monitored, and quality plans are developed for the company’s projects. Maintain and update records for all quality sheets and documentation; plan to record and register all construction quality elements.
  • Contracting and Tenders –
    Costs for tenders and contractors are prepared, negotiated, and analysed. Work effort coordination Permission ensures that all materials to be used and installed are relevant and approved by the client for the project.
  • Checks the quality and storage of the material –
    Check the quality of materials like cement, sand, aggregate, and steel. Concrete quality tests include cube testing, concrete temperature, slum testing, and concrete vibration. Other checking details are that the material should be stored in a dry place (not more than three months), its condition should be checked, and its connectivity should be close to the construction site.
  • Checking all site activities and creating a report
  • Maintains Daily Records –
    Daily, they interact with and oversee all QA/QC on-site workers as well as operational difficulties. The quality assurance policy established by the project manager must be followed. Ascertain that the project quality plan is followed at all stages of construction, including handover and commissioning. inspections of materials obtained from suppliers, as well as the effective implementation and compliance of the quality control system at project sites.
  • Working Coordination –
    Coordinate with client-appointed quality inspection teams to handle complicated QA/QC concerns by communicating with project managers to ensure that a quality plan and construction plan are deployed. Train workers and engineers to guarantee that regular project visits are made to enhance and train quality control personnel.

Necessary Requirements:

  • BTech degree in Civil Engineering.
  • An experience of at least 3 years in the implementation of QA/QC practices or a minimum of 5 years in the construction/engineering industry.
  • Leadership and Development – good knowledge of corporate business processes and procedures.
  • Implementation – good working knowledge & QA/QC implementation.
  • Supervise Skills – good supervisory skills have extra benefits.
  • Knowledge of Codes – good working knowledge of international codes and standards.

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