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Glasgow Airport Investment Area (GAIA), 2020


Keith Fernandes & Stuart Angus

CEEQUAL in Construction

CEEQUAL stands for ‘The Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Assessment & Award Scheme’. It is the world’s leading sustainability rating scheme for infrastructure, engineering, landscaping, and public realm projects. CEEQUAL seeks to achieve economic, social and environmental success at the same time. It assesses a wide range of economic, environmental, and social issues, including a project or contract’s effects on neighbors, and community relations more generally.

By promoting the development of appropriate strategies, and the use of environmental and social best practice, and then measuring environmental and social performance, CEEQUAL is now a tool that assesses the full sustainability credentials of projects and contracts. It also supports the strategies of the UK Government and other Governments by providing the infrastructure professions and industry worldwide with an incentive and protocol for assessing, benchmarking, and rating the sustainability performance of projects and contracts as part of the industry’s contribution to sustainable development.

It helps to:

  • Deliver more sustainable infrastructure and civil engineering projects
  • Enable performance improvement
  • Deliver better value and reduce costs
  • Demonstrate commitment to sustainability best practice
  • Enhance team collaboration
  • Enable benchmarking and knowledge sharing

It uniquely uses rigorous evidence-based assessment criteria along with internal & external verification, to provide a result that can be used in publicity.

Wills Bros are currently undertaking a CEEQUAL version 6 (the latest version) assessment for the Glasgow Airport Investment Area (GAIA) project. We were one of the first in the world to sign up to CEEQUAL version 6 demonstrating our proactive ambition for sustainable infrastructure and leaving a legacy in the communities we enrich. We currently sit at a score projection of 83% which would qualify the project for an excellent rating award. Undertaking this award sees the GAIA project commit wholeheartedly to economical environmental, and social betterment with local community as well as the wider surroundings.