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Dunfermline Flood Prevention Scheme Phase 2

The Dunfermline Flood Prevention Scheme is a major construction project in the south west of Dunfermline designed to protect properties from flood flows in the Lyne and Tower Burns. Construction is largely complete but following determination of the construction contract a suitably experienced contractor is required to complete the project.

The full Flood Prevention Scheme works has included sheet piled walls, channel widening, culverts, bridges and flood embankments.

Ladysmill / Forth Street / Pittencrief Park
Precast concrete box culvert works in carriageway
Insitu concrete channel construction
Temporary works to support insitu concrete channel and precast concrete box culvert construction
Masonry facings
Water main final diversion – coordination only; works by Scottish Water nominated Contractor.
Flood embankment construction
Garden reinstatement / landscaping
Road surface re-profiling
Footway works

Rex Park
Completion of clay embankment works
Children’s play park construction and installation of play equipment
Minor earthworks
Landscaping including top soiling, grass seeding and tree planting
Footway and carriageway construction
Construction requires working through residential and business properties, temporary traffic management and dealing with burn flows.
In addition there are a number of remedial works, from snagging lists, which require to be completed.
It is expected that the selected contractors will have relevant experience of these types of work and ability to present a high standard of public liaison.

Dunfermline Flood Prevention Scheme Phase 2 Project Team:
Client - Fife Council

Contract Value:
1.6 Million

Construction Period:
30 weeks