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River Fergus (Lower) Certified Drainage Scheme

The project involves the construction of flood defences, associated interceptor sewers and three storm water pumping stations along the banks of the River Fergus in Ennis Town from Bank Place Bridge extending downstream to Clarecastle.

Works include the construction of steel sheet piled walls, structural embankments, ESB Sub-Station, Fish pass within the River Fergus, 864m preformed reinforced concrete walls, rehabilitation of existing masonry walls and provision of stone cladding. Works also include the provision of temporary works in a river environment permitting works to proceed during environmental exclusionary periods. The project involves significant construction works in the centre of Ennis town in close proximity to residential and commercial premises and therefore required significant traffic and noise management. Wills Bros Ltd utilised on Archaeology and Ecologist specialist full time during the project.


River Fergus (Lower) Certified Drainage Scheme Project Team:
Client: OPW

Contract Value:
7 Million

Construction Period:
February 2013 August 2014