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Carysfort - Maretimo Stream Improvement Scheme

The Carysfort Maretimo Stream has caused a number of severe flooding incidents in the past decade.

The most recent flooding events have occurred on the 17th July 2007 and the 2nd July 2009.
The objective of the Scheme is to deliver solutions for flooding, by enhancing channel capacity and dealing with other deficiencies identified in the stream.

Construction of the Works will involve the following:
• General site clearance
• Fencing
• Diversion of existing utilities/services and provision of new utility ducts
• Excavation of existing road and footpaths adjacent to live traffic
• Provision of traffic management and diversions
• Provision of additional culverts and manhole chambers
• Modifications to existing stream structures (including weirs and chambers)
• Stream training and channel widening
• Installation of horizontal penstock system
• Culvert inlet improvement measures
• Stream bank protection measures
• Upgrading of existing trash screens and provision of new trash screens
• Provision of access to trash screens for maintenance purposes
• Provision of flood protection walls
• Removal of structures acting as flow obstructions
• Removal of scrub and vegetation (in limited circumstances) acting as flow obstructions
• Provision of safety fencing / handrailing
• Landscaping
• Work within inter tidal zone
• In stream protection measures
• Excavation for foundations and intermediate supports
• Construction of temporary and permanent safety barriers and guardrails
• Pavement construction
• Boundary treatment
• Road surfaces, kerbs and footways
• Signs and road markings
• Masonry construction

Carysfort - Maretimo Stream Improvement Scheme Project Team:
Client - Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council

Contract Value:
2.6 Million

Construction Period:
June 2011

Carysfort - Mareream Improvement Scheme