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N59 Moycullen Improvement

1.2km Road Improvement Scheme located South of Moycullen Co. Galway. The Scheme was predominantly coincidental with the location of the existing N59 road which warranted a phased construction approach on a road exceeding 12,000AADT The works associated with this project included:

Fencing Works including timber posts and rail fence, galvanised pedestrian guardrail with base plates, post and wire fence with PVC coated chainlink.

Drainage of new carriageway using a combination of pipes, gullies and combined AcoTM drainage kerbs with headwall outlets at suitable intervals. All drainage runs discharged to watercourses via bypass separators.

600mm watercourse culvert complete with headwall and inspection chamber.

Demolition of Old Clydagh Bridge and replacement with a 15m span contractor designed precast arch bridge complete with vehicular stone clad parapets and spandrel walls, whilst maintaining one-way traffic on the N59 and water flow in the Lough Kip River.

Guillotined square cut limestone to new Clydagh Bridge complete with cut voussoirs and soldier course coping.

Excavation of existing roads, retaining walls & bridge foundations.

New road construction to the N59 mainline complete with 3 Nr. side roads and multiple domestic/agricultural accesses.

Random Rubble / Dry Faced / Square Cut Stonework in walls and retaining walls in limestone and granite.

1,500m3 of Concrete in 13 Nr. Reinforced/Mass retaining walls.

250mm HDPE SDR17.6 water main using butt-fusion and electrofusion techniques including all valves fittings and 58 Nr. service connections with boundary boxes and pressure reducing valves.

5-way (2 Nr. 125mm and 3 Nr. 160mm) SDR 17.6 HDPE ducts for 110KV cables complete with marker tape, compacted lean-mix concrete bed and surround; 3 Nr. link chambers to supply the Galway Wind Park.

The works had to be carefully sequenced as it was a condition of Appendix 1/17 (Traffic Management) that only one single lane traffic management could be setup on the project at any given time and the maximum distance between traffic signals could not exceed 500m. Long range vehicular actuated traffic signals were used coupled with manual flagmen at peak commuter periods.

Management of Non-Native Invasive Species Japanese/Himalayan Knotweed throughout the site.

N59 Moycullen Improvement Project Team:
Client: Galway County Council

Contract Value:

Construction Period:
24th November 2014 to 25th April 2016

Bridge Demolition - Nightwork