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River Dargle Flood Defence Scheme - Seapoint Court Section

The main work items on the project consisted of the construction of a reinforced earth embankment with 11m long "cut-off Sheet pile wall" within this embankment and a 90m long Sheet Piled Retaining wall (15m long sheet piles) which were anchored for stability using 16.0m long anchors inclined at a various angles. This Sheet Piled Retaining wall was then clad with Granite Randon Rubble stone and resulted in an impressive 5.0m high stone wall along the river. A reinforced concrete flood defence wall complete with stone cladding was also constructed as well as erosion protection measures including underpinning and rock armour installation within the river during low tides. The scheme was completed with the construction of a footpath complete with railings and street lighting along the entire length.

River Dargle Flood Defence Scheme - Seapoint Court Section Project Team:
Client: Bray Town Council

Contract Value:

Construction Period:
June 2015 December 2015