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North Kerry Landfill

The project involved the permanent cap of 2 no. landfill cells and the construction of 2 no. new landfill cells. The main elements of the capping works included 20,000m2 of regulating of existing cells, 20,000m2 gas geocomposite, 20,000m2 of 1mm LLDPE welded liner, 20,000m2 of drainage geocomposite, 25,000m3 of peat deposition and associated HDPE gas collection pipe network and HDPE leachate distribution pipe network. The main elements of the cell construction included 80,000m3 of rock excavation, 25,000m3 of embankment construction, 19,000m3 of import engineering clay, 20,000m2 of 2mm HDPE welded liner, 20,000m3 of protective geotextile, 11,000m3 of import round leachate stone, installation of HDPE leachate collection pipe network and associated M&E leachate extraction systems.

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