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Blacklaw Windfarm Extension Phase 2

Project Overview:

• Approximately 8km of 5m wide ‘floating’ access tracks, turning heads and hard standings, constructed in areas of peat and forestry.

• Construction and maintenance of Core Paths (designated walkers route and public right of way) through the windfarm.

• Harvesting of over 80 ha of forestry in accordance with FSC guidelines.

• Pouring of 16 number Wind Turbine foundations, totalling over 4,000 m3 of Concrete and approximately 780t of reinforcement.

• Over 8000m of 33kv Power Cable and Fibre Optic Cable installation.

• Electrical Works and Commissioning of the windfarm extension.

• Co-Ordination of the Wind Turbine Contractor


Blacklaw Windfarm Extension Phase 2 Project Team:
Client: Scottish Power

Contract Value:

Construction Period:
March 2016 to January 2017